These silver bars are .999 pure silver. Generally, these 1 oz silver bars contain silver having a purity of .999 or finer. Engelhard is the most popular in gold and silver market because of its high quality and purity. This 1 oz Engelhard silver bars are hard to find.

Engelhard Silver Bars

Engelhard company is a world leader in refining silver. All extruded Engelhard silver bars measure the same but poured Engelhard silver bullion bars can vary a little in dimensions, these bars are extruded an have exact dimensions and precise quality.

Engelhard Silver Bars

Engelhard Silver Bars

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Various Dimensions of Silver Bars

Here are the dimensions of silver bars:

  • 1 oz silver bars (31.1 g)
  • 10 oz silver bars (311 g)
  • 100 oz silver bars (6.8 pounds / 3.11 kg)
  • 1000 oz silver bars (68 pounds / 31 kg)

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